About McKinley Drilling Co.


McKinley Drilling Co. was started in 1928 by Clyde T. McKinley (1901-1965). Working as a mechanic, welder, and farmer, McKinley built his first water well drilling rig on the chassis of a Rock Falls hearse. He started drilling small stock wells and installing windmills. In 1938 he enlisted the help of his wife’s cousin and drilled several water wells to the Carrizo Sand at depths of 1300 to 1700 feet. In 1942 he put together a rotary drilling rig with a Lee C. Moore standard derrick and started drilling Carrizo irrigation and municipal water wells. Then in 1948 Clyde’s son Don McKinley joined the family business. Don was a graduate from Rice Institute in Houston and recently discharged from the U.S. Navy. Shortly thereafter he was joined by another son, Clyde T. McKinley, Jr.

In 1950 a new draw works was added and the rig was powered by one of the war surplus GM diesel engines. In 1952 Don built a new cantilever derrick and drilling speed was greatly increased, while depths reached 4,000 feet. “Murray” Don McKinley, Jr. joined the company full time in 1972 and brother “Ike” came aboard in 1975. In 1976 the brothers bought out their uncle Clyde and for the next 30 years continued drilling Carrizo water wells.

In September of 2008 McKinley Drilling was purchased by EE Water Co. LLC, and Edwin Hatcher was named company President. Today we operate under the same name McKinley Drilling Co. Edwin leads one of the most experienced staffs of water well drillers in South Texas. David Martinez has been with McKinley for 30 years and leads multiple veteran drilling crews. Tom Wright joined McKinley Drilling Co. in January of 2012 and manages the operations of additional seasoned water well drillers. He brings 20 years of drilling experience and offers knowledge in both the Edwards and Carrizo aquifers. At McKinley Drilling we combine a wealth of drilling knowledge, an experienced staff and state of the art drilling equipment to deliver quality services to our clients. Our services are geared to fulfill a wide range of land owner, municipal, industrial, agricultural, wildlife and natural resource needs.

In an effort to streamline those needs we acquired a sister company on October 1, 2011. Peerless Equipment LTD. of San Antonio was purchased and currently operates under the name WW Peerless LLC. Peerless was started in 1948 as a pump company and has grown into the premier supplier, installer and servicer of water pumping equipment throughout South Texas. These companies have combined to offer full services to the growing water needs in this region. Drilling projects that start with McKinley can smoothly transition into Peerless to meet the needs of the end user. Together we are motivated and committed to delivering these services in this region for years to come!

85 years of Water Well Drilling across South Texas. We thank you for your support of McKinley Drilling, your Water Well Specialist.