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McKinley Drilling Company was formed by the neighboring farming communities in South Texas. Our very first customers were in need of a consistent source to irrigate their fields, from the Carrizo Aquifer. Many of our customers today are descendants of well customers that first helped the McKinley family establish their business. Located in Pearsall and in the heart of the winter gardens we have remained loyal to the farming customers that rely on our drilling services.

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South Texas towns have continued to grow over the years, forcing the municipalities to address their water systems. Over the years McKinley Drilling has drilled numerous new water well projects for municipal use as well as rehabilitated older wells to last longer and even plugged abandoned wells that are no longer in use. We are equipped to service the Carrizo, Edwards and Trinity Aquifers. McKinley Drilling Company is insured and also carries payment and performance bonds to ensure quality relationships in the Municipal Water Well industries of South Texas.

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The shale plays across Texas have delivered yet another industry to our list of services. McKinley Drilling can drill water wells industrially for rig supply, water transport, disposal and washout systems. We are insured, in good standing with ISNetworld and also subscribe to Safety Services to assist with our compliance to ensure quality relationships industrially.

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Water Well Drilling, Air Jetting, Test Pumping, Logging, Camera Surveying, Water Sampling, Well Rehabilitating, Sumbersible and Lineshaft Turbine Water Well Pump Installing, and Irrigating…We are eager to service your turnkey water well needs.